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2-in-1 reversible TPM 2.0 + 1.2

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Support most of the

ASUS, GIGABYTE & MSI Motherboard

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Windows 11 installation

2-in-1 reversible TPM 2.0↓ 1.2↑

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Easy with TPM 1.2

Because most of old computers will not install TPM 1.2 cards, and these old motherboards are not compatible with TPM 2.0.

In this video, I just recorded from beginning to end that I used the updated TPM 1.2 card on the ASUS 7 series motherboard, and then installed Windows 11, so that everyone can understand what the whole process is like.

The OS version completed this time is 21H2 and the build is 22000.318 .

Our purpose of the 2-in-1 reversible TPM is helping you to save your time without studying what is TPM 2.0 or TPM 1.2 .

Just confirm the brand and series of your motherboard, and there is a TPM header on the motherboard, so you can use it when you buy it.

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2-in-1 reversible TPM, one end is TPM 2.0, the other end is TPM 1.2 .
Starting from Intel 6 series chipset (the second generation CPU) motherboards to Intel 200 series chipset (the seventh generation CPU) motherboards.
This package can fit all your needs for TPM installation.

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The convertor is converted ASUS or MSI 14-1pin to 20-1pin TPM Header.

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Updated TPM firmware

The two ICs on the 2-in-1 reversible TPM are both Infineon 9665.
The Firmware version of TPM 2.0 is updated to version 5.63
The Firmware version of TPM 1.2 is updated to version 4.43

A security vulnerability was identified in the RSA key generation method used by old TPM firmware version. This leaves the keys potentially vulnerable via targeted, computationally expensive attacks. These RSA keys generated by the old TPM firmware version are used with certain software products and should not be considered secure. Updated TPM firmware versions which enable more secure key generation.

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Who we are

We concern about how to strengthen the security mechanism at the first step when you login to your computer.

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